Thursday, April 15, 2010


Nowadays, Facebook is become the most social networking among people in the world. People using facebook for many causes. Users of the facebook are adding day by day. Even the children at the primary school also have their own account in facebook. It just prove that facebook is become a trend to people nowadays. The account of Facebook can be owned to person who has an email. It just simple like that.

Facebook become a medium to people nowadays to search their old friends, getting more closer with family members, to make a new friends and share everything with people. Facebook also can be a medium to certain people to promote their product or business, make a discussion or give the information towards other. Facebook also allowed people to update their personal profile to tell friends about what is actually in their mind at that time and share pictures with others that can make their own memories together. Other than that, facebook also allowed people to invite others to come to their event such as wedding, open house, exhibition, reunion and so on. By using facebook, people can make their life or job are more easy rather than before. By inviting people using tools such as facebook, the individual or group can save money and time, and the person that have been invited can get a notice in a few second. It more faster right.

Talk about Facebook, Facebook actually exist since September 2006, found by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates and his computer science students, University of Harvard. For the beginning, this facebook actually have access to only the students of Harvard University but have been expanded to the other college around them in Boston, Ivy League and Stanford University area. And for the time being, Facebook has been used for almost every people in this world.

Facebook original concept is actually by the lecturer of Zuckerberg himself which give this task as an assignment for the students. This Zuckerberg take this challenge and produce "Face Book".
Time by time, with upgrade and many such things that put in this networking, it has been renamed with Facebook.

In January 2009, study form, Facebook got 1st ranking as the most used social network by worldwide monthly active users, followed by MySpace. This showed that Facebook is trend nowadays.

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