Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hye everyone. Today i will share with you about the new movie that i have watched recently. It is a Hindi movie with the title 'MY NAME IS KHAN'. This movie are directed by one of the famous director in India which is Karan Johar. Karan Johar has been direct so many blockbuster movie including Kuch-Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhie Khishi Kabhie Gham. This two movie are among the movie that is really hit and top in Malaysia years ago. So, by directing a new movie My Name Is Khan, every people ecspecially who loves hindi movie are not patient to watch this movie. Furthermore, this movie present the best actor in Bollywood which is Datuk Shah Rukh Khan with his best couple in a film, Kajol. There have been so many years that they not acting in the same film together, and this film just bring them together again.

So, review about this film, this film story about a child, having a Aperger's, names Rizwan Khan is a muslim and grew up with his brother Zakir and his mother lives in Mumbai, India. Rizwan Khan has a special gifts since child which is he can repair almost everything. So, he used his ability to repair things to help people and all the neighbours at their neighbourhood. Since he is different from any other child, his mother send him to learn english with one professor. He become a very good student and he can manage his english very well. By all this things, it leads jealousy towards his brother Zakir and decide to leave his family and stayed at United States.

After a death of his mother, Zakir invite Rizwan Khan to live with him in United States. Rizwan also begins to work with Zakir and in the process of working, he meets a hindu woman names, Mandira which is a single mother who lives with her son, Sam. Mandira works as a hairdresser. Eventhough Zakir object the relationship between Rizwan and Mandira, they manage to get married with each other and leads to Mandira and her son Sam using the Rizwan's last name which is Khan as their own. They moved to a new house and lived next to Garrick family. Sam is close with their son named, Reese and Mandira being friends with Sarah, the wife of Garrick family.

However after the incidents of September 11 attacks on the twin towers in New York City, the perfect relationships being disrupted. Mark, the father of the Garrick family is a reporter and have to cover the stories of war in Afghanistan and dies there. At the same time, Khan family begins to experience post prejudice of the attacks in their community and Reese also turn against Sam as well. In one afternoon, after having a training at their school field, Sam try to make friend with Reese and the arguments occur between them. Because of that, there start fighting between Sam and several number of students which is Reese friends. Reese try to stop the fight but because of the strong hit by the students, Sam dies.

The conflict begin with Rizwan and Mandira after Sam dies. It started when Mandira keep blame Rizwan and herself because marrying Rizwan and brings the Khan name and it cause the Sam death. Mandira then tells Rizwan that she no longer wants him to be with her. When Rizwan asked what he should do to be together with Mandira, Mandira said that, he has to tell everyone in United States including Mr. President that, his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist.

Rizwan then sets a journey to meet Mr. President and all peoples, he starts his journey from United States to another and start to find the current President at that time which is George W. Bush and next President which is Barrack Obama. during his journey, he has travel to Wilhemina, Georgia and be friends with Mama Jenny and her son Joel. Later, in Los Angeles he intend to stop at the mosque o pray and overhears violent rethorics from Faisal Rahman. He reports this to the FBI but there is no response. After that, while waiting in a crowd to meet Mr. President, he start to shout with loud "Mr. President, my name is Khan and i'm not a terrorist". He repeated the line again and again and the line is attracting others and he has been arrested and placed him in a prison by police who is misinterpret his statement.

While in a prison, he is tortured as a terrorist suspect and meets the psychiatrist, Radha, who believes that he is innocent. He is later released after a media campaign to prove his innosence by unearthing his attempts to inform the FBI about the terrorist that he has seen in the mosque. After he released, he returned to the Wilhemina to help Mama Jenny and her son facing the flood. His action attract the media attention and numerious Muslims come to help as well. At the same time, Reese confessed to Mandira about the incident happens towards Sam.

After all settled about the Sam cases, Mandira joins Rizwan in Georgia. At the moment she arrived, Rizwan is stabbed by a follower of Faisal Rahman and rushed to the hospital. With Mandira helps, Rizwan survives and manage to meet Mr. President, Barrack Obama who tells him, "Your name is Khan, and you are not a terrorist".

So, for me, this film is a really good film which show the effort of a muslims to prove that the muslims are not a terrorist. And this film are not same with any other bollywood film that you have seen. There is only 4 songs in it and and not with so many dancers. The song that top in list is Sajdaa, sing by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shankar Madhavan and Richa Sharma. I suggest to you all to watch this movie and enjoy it.