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hye everyone. this is my first post regarding the assignment thinking and writing strategies, about me. so, i will tell u something about me that might be you people may not know yet. so, as for the first, let me introduce myself. my name is nur emillia bt. jamal, from taman sri gombak. i am going to twenty two by this july, 16 and i'm the eldest of four of my siblings. my family is an ordinary family like any others family but what make it different is the relationship among the family itself. as for my family, i do believe that we have a different types of love towards each of the person in our family. you know that some people said that to be fair in your relationship towards your childrens, is to give them the same thing that other sibling get. but for me and my family, it is not the important, because the very important is to see that our family members happy based on what they get. its okay if there is unfair in terms of price or something, but it stil valueable to used and have it.

so, go back with my stories and my family. actually there is no interesting story in our life, but some experienced will get we move and hopefully will happily ever after. i will bring you back to my chilhood stories. as far as i remember, when i am 3 years old, i have one adopted father who really love me because he not married ant definitely did not have any children. so, i'm the one that he has and because of that, he really pampered me by giving me on whatever things that i want and he usually give me something that the 3 years old children like me want without i'm asking for anything. by this age, i really happy and enjoy with this kind of present and all of the things that i ever had. at this age also, i've got a younger sister named nur syafiqa zahraa. as for receiving the news that i have a sister, i am so happy and really excited to see and wait until she growing up and play with me. as for the ordinary family like my family, they will more concern about the baby rather than me. so, i will spend more time with my adopted father. i will follow everywhere that he will go. untill at one time, all people said that i am his daughter intead of my real father daughter. but i am still happy for that because i have two dad at the same time whereby other people dont have it. and as the years by years moving, i am still with my younger sister without adding by the other siblings. at this time, my family is not a rich family, and for earned the money, my mom and dad was open a table at a night market and selling a fried noodles and char kuey tiaw. for me and my sister, it was a fun activity going to the night market without tinking that our parents do that because we dont have enough money to survive. so, by the day that the night market day, we both so happy and excited to go to the night market. eventhough that we go to the night market because we loved to walked by and play at there, but we also help our parents by washing the noodles and separate the kuey tiaw. while doing this 'job', we usually eat the noodles and the kuey tiaw without waiting for it done cooked. and when our parents realize what we have done at the back, we start to run all over the night market to avoid from getting hit by our dad. what a bad activities. hahaha. but still we really enjoy it at that time.

time by time we both start growing up and by the age of 7 years old, i received another one good news which i will have another siblings. before the baby are born, all of my family hope that the baby is a baby boy except me. i said to my parents that i want another baby girl, no need a baby boy in our house. and untill the due date, my family still guessing what baby will comes out, is it a girl or a boy. but yes, i have won at that time because the baby girl was come out. haha, don't be upset everyone. try harder next time. and because of my wish to have a baby girl, my father allow me to give name to the baby, and i gave nurul nabila as her name. i was so happy at this time because i got another buddies to make our house so noise and make our parents be more complicated at this time. hakhakhak. what a devil daughter that they have. as for hope of my family nurul nabila is a boy, she have dressed up and behave like a boy untill now. but warning for you guys, my sister is still a girl ok. huhuhu. and i have became more happy at my age 11, when we got another baby in our house. at this time, my family were not hoping, guessing or anything towards the welcoming baby. they just want the baby instead of hoping that is a baby boy. but again i still syick with my stands, no need a baby boy in our house, and again i got the next baby girl in our house, named siti fatimah zahraa which is very pamper in my siblings.

after end of primary school, i have continue my secondary school at Sekolah Agama Menengah Tengku Ampuan Jemaah (SAMTAJ) at sg.besar, selangor, and i have to stay at the hostel. in a hostel, i have become a 'famous' person because they said i am the arrogant person and i am still at form 1. but, i dont really care about them, i just be happy and make some friends there. after one years, they start realized that i am not irrogant but i'm not a talkative person at the first time until i know you and you know me. then, you will know who am i actually is. so, i make many friends there and i have lot of experience knowing peoples behaviour. i have been study there for a 3 years and i wish after PMR, i want tranfer at a daily secondary school. but my wish has been objected by my dad like hang jebat against hang tuah at one time. he said, he want me to sit for the sijil menengah agama (SMA) first that we can only sit at form 4. i was so sad at the time because the SMA subject is the subject that i really poor in my school time, and how could i pass for all the 4 subject which is quran and sunnah, tafsir, hadith and bahasa arab azhar while i never pass for all the subject since i form 1. but because of the respected of the father, i continue schooling at there and sit for the SMA. and because of the obeying of the parents, i have passed all 4 papers and got 'jayyid' for my SMA. i really thanks to the Almighty God for the results.

after form 4, i, again, wish to transfer to a daily school and unexpectedly my dad says yes. what a relieve i had at that time. so, i transfer from boarding school to a daily school, SMK Taman Sri Rampai at Setapak. for the first week i got into the school, i have got an extremely culture shock which will may cause me a heart attacked if i dont really can cooperate with it. it is a huge different being a student of SAM and SMK. the behavior of a students, the teachers and the staffs all together make me think twice for still continuing schooling there. but day by day, weeks by weeks, i have become more comfortable there. and against, i have made more friends there. and i realized that they will bo not happy in our life if we did not make friends with others.

6 month after SPM, i've got an offer from UiTM to continue my studies in Diploma in Public Administration at UiTM Sg. Petani, Kedah. when i've got the offer letter, i was so happy and really excited. but again, my father actually did not really agree with me to continue in public admin because he is hoping me to further my studies in the fields of art or music. after i have explained to him, i did not really have the talent for that fields, and he agree and support me on what am i doing. then, i prepared everything by my own in order to make me feel comfortable at there. so, i have finished up my diploma with the fully support from my parents. thank you mom and dad for keep pray for me. you both are the best parents eventhough both of you facing the difficulties to raise me and my youger sisters but still you managed to get it done. so as for now, i'm at UiTM Shah Alam continuing my degree here in Communication and Media Studies (Publishing). i'm really happy and hope can make my parents so proud of me and help them one day. hmmm.

yeah, after know a litle bit about me, now we back to this blog. this blog is one of the major assignmnent that i have to get it done for the subject LIB 401, thinking and writing strategies which lectured by Miss Hamimda Agil @ Miss Mimi. so, the title of this blog is totally as you can see is my name. i put my name as the title of this blog is because i want people know that you are reading my blog and i am the owner of this blog. so thats why i put my name together with my father's name. you must be wondering that why should i put my father's name together as a title of my blog. the simply reason is, i am here right now because of my father. and if he not really support me in everything, not maybe but definitely i will not in the Shah Alam campus right now to further my studies. so, thats the reason why i put my father's name at the title of this blog. actually, this is the first time i have my own blog with my own name, i am so excited eventhough this is an educational blog. so, i will try my best to provide the information, sharing the knowledge and giving my opinion about the issue that will have come out in next post later.

at last, i am very welcoming you guys to read and leave any comments or recommendations at this blog for me to improve and show better performance after this. all the comments or recommendations that you guys leave for me, i will really appreciate it and said thank you very very much.


bye bye. see you in the next post.

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